Clip ‘n Climb Fit

Clip ‘n climb Fit is a new group fitness experience. Wacky climbing meets cross training.


It involves a super sport, climbing: it works the whole body, cardio, flexibility, and muscle workout. It’s a complete training exercise that is fun to do, no matter what physical shape you’re in!

- Judith Bonin


Clip ‘n climb Fit’s goal is physical conditioning by using functional exercises in an unusual way. This experience might revolutionize the way you perceive training. It’s a very complete physical training, low impact and safe that aims at surpassing oneself on many different levels. Clip ‘n climb Fit is free to customers with an Escalade Clip ‘n climb membership.

  • Instructor led classes every Tuesday and Thursday at 6pm and 7pm
  • 3-month evening membership for 250$ with access to climbing from Tuesday to Sunday starting at 4pm. Tuesday and Thursday instructor led classes included.


Do not ask again