Singe Académie

Climbing favours strength, balance and flexibility and requires problem solving skills. It helps with self-confidence, self-esteem and encourages peer support and communication.


While learning climbing basics in a magnificent environment, I have to emphasize on the quality of the climbing instructors. Everyone is all smiles, cheer the climbers and are very attentive to their needs. They provide a stimulating class adapted to children that love challenges! Bravo to the Singe Académie team!

- Isabelle Gibouleau, Boucherville


This class is for children 6 to 14 years old and is specifically made for them. The class includes a 75-minute supervised activity, once a week, with a semi-private instructor (6 to 8 participants max. per group) for a 12-week period. The class includes an evaluation form that allows following up on the participants improvement.

To make the incription to Singe Academie classes , you can go directly on our reservation site at : .

Family prices (2 kids and +) available.

Here is the schedule for next sessions :

Fall (12 classes)

200$+txs /climber

Inscriptions begin  June 24th 2019

Classes start :

Saturday September 14th 2019

Sunday September 15th 2019

Wednesday September 18th 2019

Winter (12 classes)

210$+txs /climber

Inscriptions begin  September 14th 2019

Classes start :

Saturday January 11th 2020

Sunday January 12th 2020

Wednesday January 15th 2020

Tuesday January 16th 2020

Spring (9 class)

160$+txs /climber

Inscriptions begin  January 11th 2020

Classes start :

Saturday April 11th 2020

Sunday Avril 12th 2020

Wednesday April 15th 2020

Tuesday April 16th 2020

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