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Escalade Clip ‘n climb offers school and extracurricular groups a healthy exercise with physical and intellectual challenges. Climbing favours strength, balance and flexibility and requires problem solving skills. It helps with self-confidence, self-esteem and encourages peer support and communication.

All the walls at Escalade Clip ‘n climb Laval and Brossard are equipped with automatic belay systems, so there’s no need for belayers to monitor the climber’s safety. This means that all children can be active…. all the time, and risk management is considerably simplified. During the outing, we welcome up to 130 students for one day (from 10 a.m. to 2.45 p.m.). As soon as you arrive, the Clip ‘n climb team takes care of the youngsters, ensuring that they take on challenges in an incredible atmosphere, and leave a little tired but proud of their day!

Great news, you can now book your school outings directly through us.
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    Excellent, highly recommended, clean, the staff is there to safely take charge, no down time, busy schedule.

    - Childcare SDG de Maricourt


    Wow, wow, wow! Dynamic team, interesting games well adapted for children, great organization, and a really great day.

    - Childcare SDG René-Guénette


    Very welcoming. Fun outing. Smiley, nice and dynamic staff. Our new favorite this year. Very good management. Congratulations, you guys are excellent.

    - Childcare CDJ Air en Fête Ste-Catherine


    Animators were very good. Everything was perfect. Children were very happy. Had lots of fun. Well organized.

    - SDG Terry Fox


    All Escalade Clip ‘n climb walls are equipped with auto belay systems so everyone can be active all the time and risk management is considerably decreased. We can welcome up to 130 students in one day (from 10am to 2:45pm). Upon your arrival, the Escalade Clip ‘n climb team starts the animation so the students can star tour challenges in a super fun environment and leave us a bit tired but proud of what they achieved during the day! Les Promotions Zone is in charge of organizing all the school group activities for Escalade Clip ‘n climb.

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