Climbing reinvented

The perfect family activity to combine imagination, physical activity and fun.

Clip ‘n climb is THE new way to approach climbing in Quebec: it’s a healthy, safe and fun activity for adults and children, where everyone finds a really exciting challenge! Clip ‘n climb Laval and Brossard has over 30 themed climbing walls where participants of all levels can climb up to 10 meters. Clip ‘n climb uses automatic belay systems on all walls, so there is no need for belayers to monitor the climber’s safety. This means that all participants can be active… all the time, and risk management is greatly simplified. Walls such as Le gratte-ciel, La course verticale or L’orbite allow young and old alike to take on challenges without the need for prior equipment or training!

The activity

The climbing sessions are 1 hour and 15 minutes long and start every hour on the hour (don’t hesitate to contact us for more information on our opening hours). Climbers must arrive 10-15 minutes before their scheduled session. They will then receive the safety briefing and instructions on how to put on their harness and a verification of their equipment is done just before entering the climbing room for 1 hour of sensational climbing! For example, if you book for 2pm : 1:45pm : Arrival 2pm : Harness adjustment and safety briefing 2:15 : Access to the climbing arena 3:15: End of activity Since all climbing wall are equipped with automated belay devices, climbers are autonomous and the number of participants is limited so we can offer you a wait-free climbing experience : choose a wall, clip your harness to the cable, climb up, and come back down slowly before going to the next wall! Once tied with the snap hook, the system allows individuals weighing between 10 and 150 kilos to gently descend to the ground.

A few tips to be well prepared

To fully benefit from the Clip‘n climb experience:

  • It is recommended that you wear casual and comfortable clothes , please make sure to bring yours sport shoes (sandals and boots are not appropriate for climbing).
  • We supply the safety equipment (harness and belay system) and it is not permitted to use personal equipment.
  • The walls are designed to be used without chalk or climbing shoes (which are forbidden).

Automated belay devices

Trublue is a new generation of auto belay devices developed specifically for climbing. It consists of a self-regulating magnetic breaking system designed to eliminate the need for gear systems. This equipment was engineered to meet the strictest international safety standards (ISO 17025 and European Certification (CE)).

There’s a challenge for everyone at Escalade Clip ‘n climb

  • Each wall was created with different levels of difficulty so climbers can use their physical and strategic skills.
  • The surfaces and textures vary for unique experiences.
  • The colour and lighting of each wall make the arena an incredible playground for clients, big and small!
  • No matter your physical abilities or your initial fears, all climbers will come out proud of their achievements!

Super Challenges

Since only the bravest will meet these challenges and require the use of special equipment and the help of an instructor, you will need a token to meet these challenges ( 5$ tx incl./super challenge)

The leap of faith Imagine: jumping to a trapeze from a springboard at 8 meters from the ground just being held back by a dorsal harness … this experience causes a good dose of adrenaline! Do not forget to capture this moment of pride or you have realized the leap of faith! (55 inchs minimum height)

Vertical Drop Slide Dressed in an ultra slippery suit, try to keep your hands firmly attached to the handle that will take you to more than 10 m in height. You will then be completely suspended in the void and will only have to drop you … Will you dare go to the top?!

Socks required

Minimum age

  • Even if there is no minimum age to climb, we found that about half of the children 4 and under are not comfortable with the 10 kg upward tension of the automatic belay system. However, some youngsters are verb confidents and happily climb our colourful walls.
  • Since the distance between grips on some of the walls make them inaccessible for smaller kids, children 5 and under only pay half the price but can still enjoy the experience.


A climbing session starts every hour on the hour and includes a 15 minute safety briefing followed by 60 minutes of climbing. Learn more about our rates Note: free for accompanying adults that do not climb.


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