Everything you need to know for a great time at Clip ‘n Climb

Is there a minimum and maximum weight for climbing at Clip 'n Climb?

The minimum weight you have to be is 10 kg (22 lbs) and the maximum weight restriction is 150 kg (330 lbs).

Is there a minimum height for Clip 'n Climb?

There is no minimum height to participate in the activity. However, the distance between the holds on some walls makes them inaccessible for the little ones. In order for them to enjoy the experience, we offer a 50% discount to children under 5 years old.

What is the minimum age for Clip 'n Climb?

Although there is no minimum age to participate in the activity, we have noticed that about half of the children under the age of 4 are not comfortable with the 10 kg tension exerted by the automated rappelling system. However, some young children are very confident and will happily climb our colorful walls.

Since the distance between the holds on some of the walls makes them inaccessible to the little ones, children 5 and under pay half price and can still enjoy the experience.

How difficult is it to climb at Clip 'n Climb?

The level of difficulty varies depending on the experience of each person, but all the walls are pretty much achievable by everyone. Some of our challenges are very easy and intended for a younger age group while others are more difficult. You will certainly find a challenge that suits you!

Is it dangerous to climb at Clip 'n Climb?

To prevent injuries, Clip 'n Climb structures are all equipped with automatic belay devices. This means that all participants can be active at all times, and risk management is greatly reduced. You arrive at your climbing wall, attach your safety device and off you go!

What should I wear to go to Clip 'n Climb?

Choose long, lightweight clothing that resists abrasion and offers protection against scratches. Organic cotton clothing is a good example. Also, don't forget a pair of shoes that are well suited for indoor climbing. Sandals, heels and open-toed shoes are not allowed. Shoelaces must be tied, long hair must be tied and all jewelry must be removed before the session begins.

How long does a climbing session last at Clip 'n Climb?

Climbing sessions last 1 hour and 15 minutes and start every hour. For example, if you book the activity at 2pm.
1:45pm: Arrival.
2:00 pm: Harness fitting and safety instructions.
2:15 pm : Free access to the climbing room.
3:15 pm: End of the activity.

What equipment should I bring to Clip 'n Climb?

You do not need to bring any specific equipment or gear other than proper sportswear to climb at Clip 'n Climb.

Can adults climb the walls at Clip 'n Climb?

Yes, our colorful walls are not only for children, but for adults too! Accompanying parents are strongly encouraged to participate in the activities and prove how cool they are! Difficulty levels range from easy to hard. In addition, for each of our walls, there are challenges to increase the difficulty.

I am accompanying my child. Do I have to pay even if I don't climb?

No! If you don't want to climb with your child, you don't have to pay for your entry nor do you have to reserve your spot online. However, please note that only one parent/guardian is allowed per child.

How high are Clip 'n Climb walls?

Clip 'n Climb Laval and Brossard has over 30 themed climbing walls where people of all skill levels can climb up to 10 meters.

Can I organize my birthday party at Clip 'n Climb?

A birthday party at Clip 'n Climb promises fun and safe entertainment with many exciting challenges that will delight everyone. Several packages are offered by the center in order to have an unforgettable birthday: pizza, cake, party room, contest, challenge of all kinds, medal and more!

What are the advantages and benefits of climbing at Clip 'n Climb?

Climbing has many health benefits for children. Among other things, it allows children to build muscle and improve their motor skills. The muscles that are mainly involved during this activity are those of the shoulders, arms, back, torso, abdomen, thighs and buttocks. Climbing also helps develop flexibility and agility!

For young children, this sport is excellent for developing cognitive functions since it is essential to use strategy and anticipation. The activity also allows everyone to expend their excess energy and have a good time with friends, family and loved ones.

Why climb at Clip 'n Climb?

Clip 'n Climb is an easy entry into the world of climbing. This activity is accessible to a large public since Clip 'n Climb does not require any equipment. In fact, we use automatic belay systems on all walls, which makes it a very safe activity. This means that all participants can be active at all times, and risk management is greatly simplified. Also, in all climbing rooms, the floor is protected by a soft mat, so that landings are very well cushioned.

Who practices indoor climbing?

Climbing is a particularly popular sport among young adults, but is accessible to all age groups. The Clip 'n Climb experience will allow your child to have a hands-on introduction into the world of climbing. Practicing this sport with friends and family members can transmit passion for these adventures early on!

How do I get started in climbing?

The first step is to understand how you stand on the rock. Try to imagine the direction of the supports you use with your hands and deduce the direction of the foot thrusts you need to make to stay in balance.
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