Base prices

Hourly rates Under 5 years old Over 6 years old
WednesdayWacky Wednesday Promotion!
From 4 p.m., also valid in summer
9$ 18$
ThursdayUnlimited evening
From 4pm, also valid in summer, but at Summer Season prices
11.50$ 23$
FridayDuring school season 11.50$ 23$
Weekends, school vacation and summer seasonSummer season:
Saint-Jean Baptiste to Labour Day
14.25$ 28.50$

Get 10% off if you are between 8 and 19 climbers and 20% for 20 climbers or more!

Vertical Drop

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Vertical Drop

Dressed in an ultra-slippery suit, try to keep your hands firmly attached to the handle that will take you more than 10 m high. You will then be completely suspended in the void and will only have to let yourself fall... Do you dare go all the way to the top?


Leap of Faith

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Leap of Faith

Imagine: launching yourself towards a trapeze from a springboard 8 meters above the ground while being simply held by a back harness... this experience provokes a good dose of adrenaline!



Chimp Academy

  • ✔ Access to a 20 class session
  • ✘ No open sessions included
1 session
(20 classes)
50% discount (110$+tx) on a 12-week Open session membership with the purchase of a Chimp Academy membership.*
*Offer only available at the cash

Open session

  • ✔ Unlimited access during open sessions
4 weeks
12 weeks
52 weeks

Informations additionnelles

  • The above prices do not include taxes.
  • It is important to book in advance
  • We ask that you arrive at least 10 minutes in advance
  • Closed shoes required (no climbing shoes or sandals)
  • For children 14 years old and under, an accompanying parent is mandatory
  • One accompanying adult (or adult participant) minimum per 6 children
  • Climbing sessions start at the correct times and last 75 minutes. A 15-minute safety briefing, followed by 60 minutes of free climbing.
  • For the free fall and angel jump, a double try involves one person doing a super challenge twice. A person wanting to do both super challenges once each (once the freefall and once the angel jump) must purchase two single tries.
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