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A unique climbing experience
for kids and teens!

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The perfect gift for the holidays

The perfect gift for the holidays

For the holidays, give your loved ones the chance to experience an exciting adventure. The Clip ‘n Climb experience is an original moment, an adventure, also an opportunity to learn, to test… and why not to discover a new passion for climbing! The activity contributes to the development of self-confidence, self-esteem, and encourages peer support and communication. It is accessible to all and allows you to meet challenges without the need for equipment or prior training. It also allows physical spending as well as quality time with loved ones.

Offer the clip ‘n Climb experiencele 26 au matin.

Offer the clip ‘n Climb experience

Clip ‘n Climb centers offer a fun climbing activity presenting vertical challenges with unique and sensational themes. Each wall was created with varying levels of difficulty to appeal to different physical and strategic skills. The surfaces, textures, colors and luminosity of the installations create an incredible playground for young and old alike. The activity is practiced by participants of all conditions and abilities. Everyone's goal is to go beyond their own limits, while respecting their own pace, so as to enjoy the experience to the fullest. At Clip ‘n Climb, multiple physical and mental challenges await you and the pleasure will be there. Come reach new heights!

Enjoy with safety thanks to our automated reminder system

Enjoy with safety thanks to our automated reminder system

Clip ‘n Climb is a healthy, safe and fun activity. All our centers are equipped with self-belaying devices developed specifically for the practice of rock climbing. It is a magnetic braking system designed with the objective of eliminating clutch systems. This equipment has been designed for climbing and in compliance with safety standards (ISO 17025 standard and European Certification (CE)).

More than 30 themed climbing walls for young and old

More than 30 themed climbing walls for young and old

Our climbing walls are up to 10 meters high and are suitable for participants of all levels. Each of them was created specifically to appeal to different physical and cognitive abilities. Children and parents, you will certainly find a thrilling challenge for you!

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